Five Good Things to Know About Ohio Workers Comp

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There are countless scenarios that may arise following a work accident. This article attempts to highlight some areas that commonly affect Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) claims. 

ONE: Get Medical Attention Right Away

How do I get Paid after an Accident? Ohio BWC Claims

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When an employee is injured in the course of an arising out of his employment and has an allowed workers compensation claim (BWC claim), there are a number of ways he/she may be paid or receive compensation following the injury. The following are some of the most common ways: 

How to Bring a Workers Comp Claim in Ohio: Cincinnati and Dayton Area Lawyers

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Under Ohio law, a worker who is injured or contracts an occupational disease “in the course of and arising out of” his or her employment is entitled to workers’ compensation. Ohio workers’ compensation is payable whether or not an injured worker was negligent (i.e., “at fault”) with regard to the injury.

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